The Firm

Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, Quad-C is a middle market private equity firm focused on investing in well-established business services, consumer, industrial, healthcare, specialty distribution and transportation/logistics companies.


In our nearly 30-year history, we have invested over $3 billion of equity across more than 65 companies.


We provide long-term, patient capital and seek to build value through a jointly crafted strategy over a number of years, not overnight.


Our transactions provide liquidity for owners, capital for corporate growth and significant equity opportunities for key members of management.


Our capital is provided by a number of well- known and respected financial institutions, endowments, pension funds and high net worth individuals who have invested with us over multiple funds as well as significant capital from many of our prior management partners and the principals of Quad-C.

Quad-C strives to achieve its mission by adhering to the following principles that are ingrained in our culture:



A recapitalization with Quad-C is an attractive solution for business owners who want to achieve partial liquidity for their ownership stakes while retaining a continued investment in their company. For managers who are not existing owners, partnering with Quad-C provides the opportunity to invest in their companies and become owners while also participating in an attractive stock option program.



Quad-C partners with highly capable management teams and supports them as they grow the business. We do not have a stable of operating executives to “fix” companies that are not broken. As such, responsibilities and duties of management following a transaction with Quad-C will be essentially unchanged from those prior to the transaction. We focus on adding value by assisting in corporate development and strategy and leave the execution to our management partners.



Quad-C is currently investing its ninth fund. We have been helping middle market companies accelerate growth for almost three decades. We have numerous examples of success in our targeted industries. Please contact us to discuss any of these further with you as you look to choose a partner.



We believe integrity is the cornerstone of a strong partnership, and integrity starts with open communication. We pride ourselves on being up front about the terms of the transaction and then sticking to those terms. After closing, management and employees are treated as partners. Many of our prior management partners have decided to become limited partners in our investment funds, demonstrating the level of integrity with which we operate.



We understand that due diligence, if conducted improperly, can be highly disruptive to a company. After almost three decades of acquiring companies, we’ve developed an efficient process that allows us to close a transaction quickly, while minimizing disruption to day-to-day operations.

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